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Na blogu Realms of Chaos ukazał się wywiad z Bryanem Ansellem, założycielem Asgard MiniaturesCitadel Miniatures i późniejszym dyrektorem generalnym Games Workshop. Ansell tworzył materiały do Warhammer Fantasy BattleCall of Cthulhu, jest też wymieniony wśród autorów Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Wywiad koncentruje się przede wszystkim na grach bitewnych i figurkach GW, ale jest tam też ciekawy fragment dotyczący genezy warhammerowych Bogów Chaosu:

Nurgle is an „actual” god (honest). Nergal is a Babylonian god who goes back to prehistoric times: he was still around to be worshipped by the Assyrians. I changed the spelling because I thought that „Nurgle” was more amusing. Also, it could be the sound of a death rattle, or air being expelled from a rotting, putrescent carcass. Nergal is god of death, disease and pestilence. Also god of war and ruler of the underworld (or sometimes his wife is). As he’s been around for a very long time his attributes have changed back and forth over the years. I’m sure he’s extremely pleased that we are still thinking of him. Perhaps with all this attention we might eventually conjure up a physical manifestation.

Khorne was derived from Conan’s „Crom”, who is an „actual” Celtic god who can also be spelt Krom or Khram. Good name for a war god.

Slaanesh was meant to be a sibilant, erotic, breathy, whispered/murmured sound. The models didn’t turn out quite as erotically charged as I’d hoped.

Tzeentch was meant to be the sound of a spell blasting out. Like in a Dr Strange comic. It also has a sort of Aztec feel: which goes with the feathers and the bright pastel colours.

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